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From the hosts of open mic series Winging It comes a new opportunity to nurture and celebrate the talent and creativity in our community. In collaboration with Harrogate Theatre, Flights of Fantasy Theatre Company presents Fledglings: A Scratch Night For New Performance

Join us at the Wesley Centre, Harrogate, on Friday 10th November at 7.45pm for a glimpse of what local theatre-makers are currently creating. Enjoy extracts of brand-new shows and share feedback over a brew to help shape these work-in-progress productions.

Book tickets here. 

Our line up includes: 

Agnes by Colin Beveridge, a one-woman show based on a real-life Harrogate suffragette. 


Lead Me To The Weird Places by Jamhed (Joel Dean and Adam Ekin), an interactive, experimental show based on Joel’s collection of short stories.


Rolling In The Muck by Julie Noble, a play about the Prime Minister being confronted by the leader of the Independence Party who also happens to be his daughter.


We Go Again by Rufus Beckett, a piece of gig theatre about the history of Leeds United.

Plus music from Tony Kirkland, featured in his new show Grave Condition.

What is a Scratch Night? 

A Scratch Night is an opportunity for artists to explore new work in front of an audience. The event will usually involve a few short work-in-progress performances from different artists, followed by feedback given by audiences and, sometimes, industry professionals. The pieces presented at Scratch Nights are usually in the early stages of development so that artists can learn from testing their material in front of an audience and gain feedback to continue crafting their projects.

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